The ever-present aura of scientific magic surrounds each and every one of us. It is the process of change that occurs in our earthly nature and beyond in the endless depth of the universe. These continuous developments represent the driving force for her desire to create. By playfully blending them with mythology, she summons glimpses into other realms of possibilities. Those arcane glances she refers to as her own Portals.

The artist constructed sets, elaborate in nature. She sculpted masks, incorporated prosthetics as well as special effect pieces and hand painted each individual item separately. Hereby the project aims to fuse photography, performance and other visual arts into one, ultimately resulting in an ongoing assembly of imaginary worlds. Yet the unknown remains strangely familiar.

Ana Bathe (born in Belgrade in 1987) is a multi-disciplinary autodidactic artist currently living and working in Berlin.

2021 Shame Gallery, Brussels.

2024 Connect 2024, CICA Museum, Yangchon-eup.

Festivals & Fairs
2023 Super Fine Art Fair, Los Angeles
2022 Menstrualities, Panel Discussion, Alte Münze, Berlin.
2020 Overmorrow Berlin, Salon zur Wilden Renate, Berlin.
2020 Transvision, The Ballery, Berlin / Digital.
2018 48 Stunden Neukoelln, LITE-Haus, Berlin.
2017 Berliner Liste, Postbahnhof, Berlin.

2017 Anima Mundi, Palazzo Ca' Zanardi, Venice.
2017 Feminist Film Week, Agora Rollberg, Berlin.
2017 48 Stunden Neukoelln, Das Labor, Berlin.
2016 Festival Virski, Montenegro, various.

2018 Glaubenswelten, Fotogalerie Friedrichshain, Berlin.

Group Exhibitions (selected)
2023 Chaos to Cosmos, Blood of Aurora, Digital/San Francisco.
2023 Hidden Flames, Haze Gallerie, Berlin.
2023 I saw you staring into space, Galerie P6, Berlin.
2022 SX Tech, Monopol, Berlin.
2022 Open Studios, Hotel Die Farbrik, Berlin.
2022 Fluidity, KIB, Berlin.
2021 Gegen Transmutation, Tag der Clubkultur, KIB, Berlin.
2021 Anomalia, SomoS, Berlin.
2021 Open Studios, Hotel Die Farbrik, Berlin.
2021 End of Residency, Shame Gallery, Brussels.
2021 Best of the Ballery, The Ballery, Berlin.
2020 The Virtually Nude Show, Nepal / Digital.
2020 Metapmorphosis, The Isolation Collection, Digital.
2019 About Future (LoosenArt International), Millepiani, Rome.
2019 Berlin Kultursalon #7, Forum Factory, Berlin.
2019 Ego Sum..., Prima Center Berlin, Berlin.
2018 Neue Sonne - Impulse vom Westbalkan, Bulgarisches Kulturinstitut, Berlin.
2018 Glaubenswelten, Fotogalerie Friedrichshain, Berlin.
2017 Gold Geld Luxus Mensch, Kunsthaus sans titre, Potsdam.
2017 Mutabor, ETBK Projektraum, Berlin.
2015 Four Artists, KOMET NO. 29d, Berlin.
2015 Adornism, The Ballery, Berlin.
2015 Inspektion, Borgo Ensemble, Nuernberg.
2015 tat_ort, Joseph-Haydn Palais, Berlin.
2015 U'N'I-Form, The Ballery, Berlin.
2015 Polychrome Unterbrechung, Prima Center, Berlin.
2014 Berlin Arts, No Color Estudio, San Sebastian.
2014 Stefanie Schneider + Ana Bathe, Pop-Up Art Gallery, Berlin
2014 Pop-Up goes AvantGarde, Berlin Avantgarde, Berlin.
2014 Pop-Up Kobenhavn, Dencker+Schneider, Copenhagen.
2014 Pop-Up Nude, Pop-Up Art Gallery, Berlin.
2013 To Russia with Love, Pop-Up Art Gallery, Berlin.
2013 Coalescence Berlin, Art Gallery Lumi Luis, Berlin.
2013 Kunstblitz, Kunstblitz, Berlin.

Solo Exhibitions
2014 Pop-Up Ana Bathe, Pop-Up Art Gallery, Berlin.
2014 Adolescent Dreamer, Bees & Butterflies, Berlin.
2013 Izlozba fotografije Ana Bathe, INEX-Film, Belgrade.
2012 Alternative Beauty, Kulturbar, Greifswald.